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BIO Alabama Welcomes Bailey, Battle, Daley, and Nolen as Spring Interns

11 Jan 2021 9:58 AM | Deleted user

Semester long internship to focus on nonprofit business operations and marketing  

BIO Alabama welcomes four students into it’s spring internship program, a program for college students who are intrinsically curious about Alabama’s bioscience industry and are motivated to promote the intellectual and innovative capital that make our state a premier place to invest, start, and grow in bioscience. 

Brooke Bailey is a B.S. Physics Candidate at the University of Alabama

“I have always had a deep passion for the bioscience world, and BIO Alabama's advocacy for networking the bioscience industry within the state of Alabama sounded nothing short of invigorating to me. Interning with BIO Alabama aligns beautifully with my career goals, while also giving me exposure to all kinds of people that can expand my horizons on the bioscience community and its future.”

Keith Battle is a PhD Candidate at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine

“As a non-traditional student earning my PhD in Basic Medical Sciences at the University of South Alabama, I have always been interested in entrepreneurship as a career path after graduation. During a course in Technology Commercialization last semester I learned the importance of ‘getting out of the building,’ meaning that to be an effective researcher and create meaningful technology, one must talk to and learn the needs of those who will interact with or consume your research on a consistent basis. I see the volunteer internship opportunity at BIO Alabama as a way to continue that goal, meet leaders in Alabama’s biotech landscape, and work on an impactful project that furthers the mission of BIO Alabama to advocate for our state’s robust bioeconomy.”

Caroline Daley is a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Information Sciences; Public Relations Major student at the University of Alabama

“I was drawn to intern with BIO Alabama because I think that it will provide an excellent opportunity for me to learn and grow as a public relations professional, while also helping to promote biotechnology innovation in Alabama.”

Sara Nolen is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Marketing Major student at Auburn University.

"BIO Alabama is a perfect opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in the bioscience industry and to utilize my marketing skills. I feel like this internship will help me to create connections and provide experiences, while raising awareness for the industry, that will help me post-graduation."

Bailey, Battle, Daley, and Nolen will spend their spring semester supporting BIO Alabama’s strategic plan and implementing key initiatives focused on three areas 1) business attraction and retention; 2) workforce development; and 3) startup and tech transfer.

“We began our internship program the summer of 2020 with four students and we’re delighted to continue our internship program into the new year with four additional students from universities around the state,” said Sonia Robinson, Executive Director. “Workforce development is a key focus area for BIO Alabama and internships are an incredible way to engage our next generation of professionals. We aim to provide students with real projects that they can own, shape, and manage from start to completion. This not only gives them tangible deliverables for their specific internship criteria, but they become immersed in the Alabama bioscience community. Our hope is that our student interns find our community  inviting and promising as they navigate options for their first career right out of college,” Robinson adds. “Our University partners graduate top talent and we want them to stay, work, and play in Alabama.”

BIO Alabama provides remote internship opportunities throughout the year. Interested students may email their cover letter and resume to  In addition to BIO Alabama, a number of bioscience companies across the state welcome interns. Interested students may contact BIO Alabama for more information. Bioscience companies who have available internships are encouraged to send internship opportunities to BIO Alabama for assistance in promoting those opportunities to partner colleges and universities.  

Interns support the executive director and Board of Directors in further connecting our bioscience ecosystem. Internships with BIO Alabama are for college credit and follow the college or university's internship guidelines including minimum hour requirements and deliverables. 


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